What is Little Republic?

Our mission is to empower our kids to paint their own pictures, write their own stories, and build their own little worlds - to create their own "Little Republic."

We plan to launch additional hands-on craft products soon, and our first two products are available for purchase TODAY!

Take a look around and let us introduce ourselves and our mission.

We're glad you're here! 👋

Go Ahead, Be Guilt-Free

We created Little Republic because we were looking for a little screen-free toy-obsession we can get behind. Our toys are designed to be 100% fun-filled for them, and 100% guilt-free for you.

Screens off. Hands on.

We believe their little imaginations work best when there's no screen involved. Every Little Republic toy is designed to cultivate their innate creativity and help them write their own tall tales.

Mess-Free, if You Want to Be

We've designed our craft toys to be easy to dive into, and easy to clean up. That being said - we unashamedly believe a little glitter-infused-chaos can be good for the soul!

The Ultimate Uncle Cheat Code

10 out of 10 uncles agree - Little Republic toys pass both the "thoughtful toy" test and the "uncle budget" test. We're here to help you be the cool uncle at the birthday party - without breaking the bank.